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Floors Cleaners in Philadelphia

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Our services include:

Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning is a big problem for homeowners. Tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, and hall are not just attractive to look at…they’re necessary for things like hygiene and sanitation! Dirty grout can lead to some disgusting room odors, and it’s unsightly. Let our team of professional floor cleaners clean it up ASAP so you don’t have to worry about it!

Repair Water Damaged Floors

Give us a call for spectacular results with our water damaged floor repair service. We will diagnose the problem and fix it for you. We specialize in fixing wood and tile floors. Let’s make your floors as good as new together once again.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Let our professional floor cleaners clean your floors with a specialized, professional, rotating machine, leaving them spotless and sparkling.

Are your commercial floors dusty and gritty, or just downright dirty? Call us today to experience the best floor cleaning service in Philadelphia! We employ an innovative rotator machine that deep cleans your floors without any leftover residue while still maintaining their color. Then we top with finish or seal to extend the life of your floors.

Retail Floor Cleaning

We specialize in high-performance, sustainable, and low-maintenance cleaning solutions for retail floors. Maximize your business goals by having a clean walkable space with our custom floor care services.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

So you used to have these floors with a nice, natural finish. It all looked lovely until somebody moved in and scratched your beautiful wood— now they’re dull, scuffed, and stained, but not for long because our hardwood floor refinishing service can make them look like new.

Concrete Floor Cleaning

Are your concrete floors looking dirty and worn out? Looking like they need a scrubbing? Our team can clean off even the most stubborn dirt so you know you’re getting that first layer of protection as soon as possible.

Laminate Floor Cleaning

Now you can finally say goodbye to the hassle of scrubbing your laminate floors on your hands and knees. Our crew will clean, polish, and shine them for you so they’re just like new! Let the professionals take care of your hard flooring in a couple of hours.
No more worrying about tough stains; we’ll get those out too!

Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning

Need your tile floors cleaned but hate the idea of getting on your hands and knees? This is the service for you! Our professional floor cleaners will come to your home, use fresh, eco-friendly products and special equipment that is safe for ceramic tile floors. Your floors will be shiny, smudge-free with a sheen that guarantees nothing can stand up to its perfection. Don’t wait another minute to schedule an appointment today!

Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning

We take the dirt and grime right off of your floors, so you don’t have to!

Do you want a dirty floor? Of course not. So why would you settle for anything less than perfect porcelain tile? Our Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning service gets your floors shining and spotless with every visit. 

Marble Floor Cleaning

No one knows the effort and cost of protecting your marble floors more than the professionals. Marble Floor Cleaners are resourceful at finding and removing stains before they permanently damage your beautiful floor. Let us make sure you can do what’s important without worrying about those pesky things like spills, scratches, or messes.

LVT Floor Cleaning

Is your LVT floor dirty? Is it dull and worn out, and in dire need of some tender loving care that vacuuming or mopping can’t quite provide? Do you want to revitalize the beauty of your floors? Let Philadelphia Floor Cleaning thoroughly get rid of the stubborn muck, grit, stains, or grime in just one visit. You’ll love how healthy—not tired!—your floors looks once again.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

See your floor’s beauty with our revolutionary vinyl floor cleaning service. Your floors will look amazing!

Tile Floor Cleaning

Hudson Hardwood Floors will professionally clean your tile floors, removing grime, dirt, and debris. Make you floors look new again.

Wood Floor Cleaning

You want indoor spaces to sparkle – we’re here for you! What’s the first thing people notice about your house? The wood floor. Dirt, dust, and pet hair build up over time unless they are cleaned regularly. If it feels like you’ve been headed down a very slippery slope of dirtiness forever, then it’s time to hire us!

Stone Floor CleaningHWith the help of Hudson hardwood Floor’s stone floor cleaning service, you’ll have a clean and beautiful floor!