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Hudson Hardwood Floors offers everything floors!

Are your floors dirty? want to clean, sanitize and disinfect your floors? Do your office floors need to be cleaned? Are your retail floors dirty and needing to be refreshed?

Our Philadelphia-based service offers floor scrubbing, buffing, stripping, cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, sealing, and waxing. As well as grout cleaning and caulking.

We also offer floor repairs, including fixing squeaky floors, wood floor repair, and tile floor repair.

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Benefits of Clean Floors

Wood, tile, marble, stone, and concrete floors need to be cleaned often; grout needs to be scrubbed clean, carpets get dirty from food spills or pet accidents. One of the best ways to make sure you have a clean floor is by disinfecting and sanitizing it, then recoating your floor for added durability and protection. There are four main benefits of floor cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection. Restoring wood, tile, stone, and marble floors will save you money in the long run. Keeping your carpets clean is a must!

1) Eliminates Germs, Bacteria, and Odors

Cleaning your floors can be a dirty job. However, it’s essential to make sure you’re killing any germs or bacteria that could be lingering on the flooring, so they don’t remain in the air for extended periods of time.

Wood flooring has a very specific cleaning process. Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble floors, linoleum, laminate, stone, and concrete floors are all cleaned and treated differently. Our floor cleaning specialists understand the unique qualities of each type of floor, and how to clean and disinfect it.

Bacterias such as Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Bacillus, and Micrococcus can grow on your floor. These bacteria get transferred to whatever objects touch the floor and can end up on hands and spread around your home.

Clean Floors mean healthy floors, which in turn create a healthier home and office environment for your family members to enjoy!

2) Improve Air Quality

Clean floors reduce allergens & dust mites. The latest research suggests that dust mites aren’t just allergic reactions but possible triggers for asthma. They can also cause atopic dermatitis or allergic rhinitis.

Clean Floors create a healthy environment for your home or office. The floor is one of the most important aspects of our homes because we spend more time on the floor than any other room in our house. The need for proper cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection is high with all these allergens and chemicals around us every day.

3) Extend The Life of Your Floors

Your floors, hardwood, tile or carpet, will last a lot longer if there are no bacteria present. That’s because dirt, grime, and bacteria eat away at the floors you love so much.

As part of the cleaning process, we top your floors with the appropriate sealer to lengthen the life of your floors.

4) Restore Your Floors To Their Original Beauty

Keeping your home, office, or commercial space looking beautiful starts with your floors. Clean, protected, and refreshed floors can make your space look beautiful.

We have the knowledge and experience to clean, sanitize, restore and seal your floors back to their original beauty.

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    We Clean All Types of Floors

    Grout Cleaning in Philadelphia
    Wood Floor Cleaning Philadelphia
    Philadelphia Professional Floor Cleaners Cleaning Wood Floor

    If you can walk on it, we clean it. With our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, we clean wood, tile, ceramic, porcelain, LVT, vinyl, marble, linoleum, stone, laminate, and concrete floors. Once clean, we top it with a fresh coat of seal, finish, or polyurethane to keep your floors looking clean and fresh!

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    Grout Cleaning

    Our team strives to keep your floors in the best condition possible. Floor maintenance should include an annual deep-cleaning for all wood and tile flooring as well as periodic inspections, repairs, and other services that will help maintain its original beauty.

    Maintaining your floors increases the life of your floors and the aesthetic of your space.

    Water Damaged Floor Repair and Cleaning

    If your wood or tile flooring has been damaged by water, we provide complete restoration services and the appropriate floor care to get it back in shape.

    Our technicians are trained to remove all of the moisture from under the floors so that they can be dried out quickly and efficiently.

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    ​Commercial Floor Cleaning

    If you are in charge of a commercial space, then it is very important to keep the flooring looking its best.

    Commercial Floor Maintenance should include an annual deep-cleaning for all wood and tile flooring as well as periodic inspections, repairs, and other services that will help maintain its original beauty.

    Retail Floor Cleaning

    Retail store owners know that their customers are always walking on the floors.

    This means it is very important to maintain a clean, healthy, and safe floor for those who come into your establishment.

    We take care of all aspects of floor maintenance from deep-cleaning to preventive maintenance – even repairs!

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    Concrete Floor Cleaning

    Many people are drawn to the beauty of polished concrete floors.

    They have a look and feel that is unlike any other flooring material.

    But if you want your polished concrete floor to maintain this luster, it is important to care for them properly with periodic surface cleaning and deep-cleaning every season or so.

    Laminate Floor Cleaning

    Laminate flooring is a popular option because of the variety of styles and designs that are available.

    But, as with any type of flooring material, it requires care in order to maintain its luster and appeal.

    We take care of all aspects of laminate cleaning from deep-cleaning to preventive maintenance.

    Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning

    Ceramic tile floors are more durable than other types of flooring, and they have a look that is both classic and timeless.

    But regular cleaning helps to maintain the beauty for years to come, which means that you should consider hiring a professional for your periodic surface cleanings.

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    Porcelain Tile Floor Cleaning

    Porcelain tile floors are a popular choice because they’re easy to clean and maintain, which means you’ll need professional help only occasionally.

    But regular care is an important part of the process for keeping these tiles looking their best over time.

    We offer porcelain floor cleaning services that will make your surface shine again!

    LVT Floor Cleaning

    LVT Floors (luxury vinyl plank) don’t require waxing, stripping, or buffing to keep it looking beautiful. This type of material can be scrubbed and mopped on its own without any additional chemicals so they are extremely easy to maintain!

    To help rejuvenate these surfaces after years of wear and tear, we offer LVT cleaning services along with our other wood floors.

    Vinyl Floor Cleaning

    Vinyl floors are a common choice for homeowners who want the look of hardwood without any maintenance.

    The best way to keep your vinyl floor looking its best is with our professional cleaning process! We offer an assortment of services including spot clean, deep-clean, and rejuvenating treatments that will make your surface new again!

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    Tile Floor Cleaning

    Did you know there’s more than one type of tile? Wood Tile Floors (engineered wood) come in both ceramic tiles or porcelain. Luckily they’re all easy to care for because these surfaces don’t need much attention! If dirt has accumulated over time, we can help remove it by applying a mild detergent and hot water before mopping up what remains.

    Wood Floor Cleaning

    If you’re fortunate enough to have hardwood or engineered wood in your home, then maintaining its beautiful appearance should be one of your top priorities.

    Our Philadelphia based, professional wood floor cleaning service can deep-clean, polish, and seal your floors so they look great once more!

    Marble Floor Cleaning

    If you’ve ever seen a marble floor in person, then you know just how breathtaking they can be.

    In order to maintain this beautiful surface it’s important that we clean and polish the area with our professional service on a regular basis so as not to cause any damage or wear-and-tear.

    Stone Floor Cleaning

    Stone flooring is a beautiful addition to any home or commercial space. However, over time dirt, soap scum buildup, and grime can accumulate on the stone surfaces making it difficult or impossible to clean them without professional help. If you don’t want this buildup of chemicals or if you have allergies that are triggered by household cleaners then hiring a professional service might be for you!

    Professional stone cleaners will remove stubborn stains with their state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. They can also refinish any porous flooring materials, such as tile or marble, to clean and seal them for improved protection against spills. Stone floors that have been professionally cleaned might last longer because they are better protected from dirt buildup.

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    Tile Floor being cleaned in Philadelphia
    Wood Floor Cleaning in Philadelphia
    Professional Floor Cleaning Equipment in Philadelphia

    Waxing Wood Floor

    One way to bring back a natural luster to wood floors is with an application of micro-crystalline wax in between deep cleansings.

    This type of treatment will also help preserve the colors so that you do not need as many coats during routine maintenance visits.

    Floor Scrubbing

    To get rid of grime, dirt and debris floors need to be scrubbed. This is a process that can be time consuming and difficult for the average homeowner to do.

    Floor Washing

    Besides scrubbing, stone floors should also be washed as well. This keeps dirt from building up and helps protect seals on your flooring.

    Floor Polishing

    It’s a lot of work to keep your floors clean, but it’s even more work when they’re not. You may have heard about the benefits of polishing your floor and you’re wondering if it is worth the time and effort. Well, let me tell you that it absolutely is! There are many benefits to polishing your floors on a regular basis including less wear-and-tear from foot traffic, reduced allergies in the home environment, increased resale value for your property and so much more.

    Floor Sealing

    Your floors need to be protected and sealed. This is important for the life expectancy of your flooring, as well as its appearance. New sealant makes your floors resistant to wear and tear from heavy foot traffic, spills, and general household use. Sealing can also protect your floors against all types of environmental factors that could damage them such as humidity or extreme temperatures. 

    Cleaning Concrete Philadelphia
    Clean Hardwood Floors in Philadelphia
    Clean Tile Floors in Philadelphia

    The Results Are Worth It

    There’s nothing quite like seeing your old floors restored back to their original beauty again thanks to some professional help from our company! We have the knowledge and experience to clean, sanitize, restore all your floors.

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    We are a family-owned and operated company that has been in business for over 20+ years. Our goal is to help you maintain your floors so they stay looking great!

    You deserve the best, and we know how to give it to you. With our professional floor cleaning services, your floor will be as clean as can be! Contact us today for more information on how we can make your home or office shine.

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    “We bought a new home and wanted to clean our floors, paint the walls, and start fresh. Hudson hardwood Floors cleaned our wood floors, our flagstone tile entry, and our flagstone walkway. They were timely and kept us up to date on the progress. I highly recommend and would use them again.” – Melissa W

    “We’ve been in our home for 15 years. Our floors needed to be refreshed and cleaned. Hudson Hardwood Floors was amazing. They did the project in sections, moved our furniture for us, and everything looks, smells and feels better. ” – Conner G.

    “We own a busy Philadelphia eatery. The last thing we have time for is closing to have our floors professionally cleaned and coated. Hudson Hardwood Floors was wonderful. They came in overnight and cleaned and coated the floors. No interruption of service. Thank you guys so much for working with our schedule! ” – Steven R.